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Beginning Ruby From Novice To Professional Digital Download eBook


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■ Caution Some specifics of Ruby vary between platforms, but most of the code in this book (particularly in the earlier chapters) runs on all varieties. When we begin to look at more complex code, such as external libraries and interfacing between Ruby and other systems, you should be prepared to make changes in your code or accept that you won’t have access to every feature. However, if you’re using Windows, Linux, or OS X, almost everything will work as described in this book without changes. Before you can start playing with Ruby, you need to get your computer to understand the Ruby language by installing an implementation of Ruby on your system, which I’ll cover first. In some cases, Ruby may
already be present on your computer, and we will cover these situations also since you may not need to do anything to get started.

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Ruby is a popular programming language, but not many computers have it perfectly installed by default. This chapter takes you through the steps necessary to get Ruby working on your computer. As an open source language, Ruby has been adapted to run on many different computer platforms and architectures. This means that if you develop a Ruby program on one machine, it’s likely you’ll be able to run it without any changes on a different machine. You can use Ruby, in one form or another, on all the following
operating systems and platforms:
• Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
• Mac OS X
• Linux (most distributions)
• BSDs (including FreeBSD and OpenBSD)
• Any platform for which a full Java Virtual Machine exists (using JRuby)


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