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C++ Crash Course A Fast-Paced Introduction Digital Download eBook


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“C++ is a complicated language.” This is a reputation C++ has earned across a number of decades of use, and not always for the right reasons. Often, this
is used as a reason to disallow people from learning C++, or as a reason why a different programming language would be better.

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This book is almost 800 pages long minus the deliberate empty pages. This book is intended for intermediate to advanced programmers already familiar with basic programming concepts.

If you don’t specifically have system programming experience, that’s okay. Experienced application programmers are welcome. If you’re a seasoned C programmer or an aspiring system programmer wondering whether you should invest in learning C++, be sure to read An Overture to C Programmers on page xxxvii for a detailed examination.

The book is divided into two parts:

  • Part I covers the core C++ language. Rather than presenting the C++ language chronologically (from old-style C++ 98 to modern C++11/14/17), you’ll learn idiomatic, modern C++directly.
  • Part II introduces you to the world of the C++ Standard Library (stdlib) where you’ll learn the most important and essential concepts.


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