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C++ Programming An Object-Oriented Approach Digital Download eBook


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In the C++ language, we define a class and then we create objects from that class. C++ also includes the idea of inheritance. In inheritance, we can create a class and then extend the definition to create other classes, just as in real life where the idea of an animal can be extended
to create the idea of a horse, a cow, a dog, and so on.
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This book is almost 1000 pages minus the pages that are intentional left blank. This book complements a course designed to teach object-oriented programming using the syntax
of the C++ language. It will also prepare students for advanced concepts such as data structure and design patterns. Students who have completed this course will be ready to take on any other object-oriented language course, a data-structure course, or a course about design patterns.

What Is the C++ Language?
C++ is a progressive programming language derived from its predecessors, the C language and the B language. The C++ language expands the idea of a struct to a class in which different objects can be created from one single definition of a class with different values for each data element. Furthermore, the C++ language explores the idea of object-oriented languages that
simulate real life. In real life, we define a type and then we have objects of that type.


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