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Clean C++ Sustainable Software Development Patterns and Best Practices Digital Download eBook


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This book is written to help C++ developers of all skill levels and shows by example how to write understandable, flexible, maintainable and efficient C++ code. Even if you are a seasoned C++ developer, there are some nuggets and data points in this book that I think you will find useful in your work. The presented principles and practices can be applied to both new software systems, sometimes called greenfield projects; as well as legacy systems with a long history, which are often called brownfield projects pejoratively.

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This book tries to close that gap a little, because even with C++, code can be written clean! If you want to teach yourself about writing clean C++, this book is for you.
This book is not a C++ primer! You should already be familiar with the basic concepts of the language to use the knowledge from this book efficiently. If you just want to start with C++ development and still have no basic knowledge of the language, you should first learn them, which can be done with other books or a good C++ introduction training.
Furthermore, this book doesn’t contain any esoteric hack or kludge. I know that a lot of nutty and mind blowing things are possible with C++, but these are usually not in the spirit of clean code and should only seldom be used for a clean and modern C++ program


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