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Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby Digital Download eBook


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Our target audience is students and practitioners who wish to learn computer science using Ruby rather than just how to program in a given language. This book consistently
emphasizes why computer science is different from computer programming. Students and practitioners must understand what an algorithm is and what differentiates differing algorithms for the same task. Although we are living in an era of growing computational resources, we are also living in a world of growing data sets. Data amass everyday; thus, efficient algorithms are needed to process these data. Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby has 188 pages in PDF immediate Downloadable format.

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Ruby is a programming language well suited to this task. It is object-oriented, interpreted, and relatively straightforward. More so, instead of being purely educationally
oriented, its popularity in industry is steadfastly growing.

Our book should be covered in sequential fashion. Each chapter assumes that the material from the preceding chapters has been mastered. To focus the discussion, we ignore
gory details, such as user interface design and development issues, that we believe are ancillary to the core of computer science. Such issues should be, and are, covered in
depth in a variety of subsequent courses.


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