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Data Structures with Java 2nd Edition


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This could include a survey of comparable software already available and a cost-benefit analysis of the value of spending the anticipated resources. Once a decision has been made to proceed, the software design team works from the requirements document to design the software.

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Successful computer software is produced in a sequence of stages that are typically managed by separate teams of developers. These stages are illustrated in Figure 1.1.
The first stage is a recognition of the problem to be solved. In a corporate setting, this determination could come from market research. The second stage, which might be omitted as a formal process, is a study of whether the project is feasible. For example, do the development tools exist to produce the software? In the third stage, a document is typically produced that
specifies precisely what the software should do. This requirements document should have enough detail to be used as a standard when the completed software is tested. In the fourth stage, a thorough analysis is done before any effort or resources are spent designing and implementing the project.


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