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Java For Absolute Beginners


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You might have the tendency to skip this chapter altogether. But I think it would be a mistake. I was never much interested in the history of Java. I was using it for work. I knew that James Gosling was the creator and that Oracle bought Sun, and that was pretty much it. I never cared much about how the language evolved, where the inspiration came from, or how one version was different from another. I started learning Java at version 1.5, and I took a lot of things in the language for granted. So, when I was assigned to a project running on Java 1.4, I was quite confused, because I did not know why some of the code I wrote was not compiling.

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Java is currently one of the most influential programming languages. It all started in 1990, when an American company that was leading the revolution in the computer
industry decided to gather its best engineers together to design and develop a product that would allow them to become an important player in the new emerging Internet


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