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The curly-brace indentation style shown here is not my favorite:
if (bool_condition) {
However, because it has the advantage of putting the most lines possible on the
printed page, I have chosen to use it for the examples throughout this book.

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The advice in this book will prove itself the first time you hear a colleague exclaim. “Wow, that was fast. Who fixed something?
Apology for the Code in This Book Although I have been writing and optimizing C++ code for over 20 years, most of the code appearing in this book was developed specifically for this book. Like all new code, it surely contains defects. I offer my apologies. I have developed for Windows, Linux, and various embedded systems over the years. The code presented in this book was developed on Windows. The code and the book no doubt show a Windows bias. The lessons of how to optimize C++ code that are illustrated using Visual Studio on Windows apply equally to Linux, Mac OS X, or any other C++ environment. However, the precise timings of different optimizations depend on the compiler and standard library implementation, and the processor on
which the code is tested. Optimization is an experimental science. Taking optimization advice on faith is fraught with negative surprises.


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