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Imagine users who have learned all of the syntax of C++ without seeing a single example of its use. They know just enough to be dangerous! Without examples, they might assume that all code should go in the main() function of the program, or that all variables should be global—practices that are generally not considered hallmarks of good programming.

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Professional C++ uses an approach to C++ programming that will both increase the quality of your code and improve your programming efficiency. You will find discussions on new C++17 features throughout this fourth edition. These features are not just isolated to a few chapters or sections; instead, examples have been updated to use new features when appropriate.
Professional C++ teaches you more than just the syntax and language features of C++. It also emphasizes programming methodologies, reusable design patterns, and good programming style.
The Professional C++ methodology incorporates the entire software development process, from designing and writing code, to debugging, and working in groups. This approach will enable you to
master the C++ language and its idiosyncrasies, as well as take advantage of its powerful capabilities for large-scale software development.


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