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Python Programming 3rd Edition For Absolute Beginner Digital Download eBook


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The Game Over program is really just a variation of the traditional Hello World program, which displays the words “Hello World” on the screen. The Hello World program
is often the first program a beginner writes in order to dip his or her toe in a new language. It’s such a common first program that Hello World is an understood term
in programming. Python Programming, 3rd Edition for Absolute Beginner is 480 pages in PDF Downloadable format.

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Programming basically is getting your computer to do stuff. This is not the most technical definition, but it’s a pretty accurate one. By learning Python, you’ll be able to create a program, whether it’s a simple game, a small utility, or a business product with a full-featured graphical user interface (GUI). It’ll be all yours, something you made, and it will do just what you told it to. Programming is part science, part art, and one great adventure. This chapter starts you on your Python programming journey. In it, you’ll learn:
• What Python is and what’s so great about it
• How to install Python on your computer
• How to print text to the screen
• What comments are and how to use them
• How to use Python’s integrated development environment to write, edit, run, and save your programs

The chapter project, Game Over, displays the two most infamous words in computer gaming: “Game Over.” Figure 1.1 shows the program in action.


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