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The Encyclopedia of Leadership


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If a strategy is not based on good data, internal and external, it will probably fail. The old maxim of computer programming, GIGO—garbage in, garbage out—applies equally well to strategy clarification. Having said this, there is always still room for creativity and informed hunches. After all, strategy evolves as much as or even more than it can be made deliberate. Nonetheless, even creative and highly improvised strategies work best when grounded in realistic data.

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Includes Reproducible Leadership Development Worksheets. A Practical Guide to Classic and Contemporary Leadership Theories and Techniques.

Who is this book for?

This Book is for Leaders, Consultants, and Trainers in all Industries and Organizations, at all levels of experience.

If you are a New Leader: Manager, Team Leader, Supervisor, Project Leader, ready to get going but nervous about your role.

Here is how this book will help you:

With a quick introduction to key leadership tools, it offers an overview of the leadership field, along with action-oriented tools that you can use immediately. Leave this book on your desk to provide just-in-time help when you need it.



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